Gallery of Wood Bowls

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Wood Turning is a long term hobby of mine. I like to make functional objects, such as bowls, using discarded logs rather than purchased lumber. Wood bowls, when properly cared for can last hundreds of years. When we lived in DC I sometimes sold them, now I occasionally give them away as gifts. Here are some of the ones I’ve kept for myself.

Natural edge bowls are more decorative than functional, due to their bark rims. They should never be grasped by the edge or immersed in water.

Walnut: In 2008 the National Institutes of Health began construction on a new visitor center. Several beautiful trees, that were older than the campus itself were cut down to make room. I carried away several sections of a walnut tree, which I used to make these and many other bowls.

Red Maple: Each of these bowls shows some spalting, a discoloration in the wood, made by common and harmless fungus, that colonizes dead trees.

Red Oak: